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Healthcare/Life Science Consulting
Project Management
Data analytics & Informatics

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✓ Clinical Epidemiology
✓ Disease Surveillance
✓ Injury Epidemiology
✓ Infectious Diseases
✓ Chronic Disease Epidemiology
✓ Pharmacoepidemiology
✓ Pharmacovigilance
✓ FDA Regulatory

Healthcare Project Management

✓ Project Management
✓ Strategic Planning
✓ Business Solutions

Data Analytics and Informatics

✓ Data entry
✓ Data Collection
✓ Data & Statistical Analysis
✓ Data Mining & Modeling
✓ Proficient in SAS, SPSS, STATA, R, Tableau, and SQL
✓ Descriptive Analysis (Frequency, Trend, Incidence, Prevalence, Rates )
✓ Advanced Statistical Analysis (Multivariate, Cluster, Survival, Comparative, Regression, Correlations)
✓ Diagnostic (Root Cause) Analysis
✓ Predictive (Future Risk Point) Analysis
✓ Prescriptive (Preventive Measures, Corrective Action, and Process Improvement) Analysis.

Data Visualization and Reporting

✓ Charts, Tables, Graphs, Maps
✓ Infographics
✓ Dashboard


Why select us?

Public Health Solution has provided expertise in disease surveillance, infection prevention, healthcare analysis, epidemiological investigation, study design, program planning, clinical data analysis, statistical solutions, and advanced analytical solutions.

Epidemiological Research

Our team is specializing in epidemiology study design, investigation, and analysis of epidemiological research, surveillance, disease outbreak management, Infection Prevention, and health policy analysis.

We are providing basic to advanced statistical analyses, clinical research on evidence-based practice, literature review, report, and manuscript writing, program monitoring, and evaluation.

Advance Analytics

Our team is expertise in technology architecture, database management, data analysis, visualization, and reporting.
We evaluate outcomes and effectiveness of programs/practices/interventions/technologies designed to improve health systems, diagnostic, treatment, and disease management.

PHS uses evidence-based scientific processes and best practices to translate research into action to achieve an outcome for a specific population. 

Real-time Visualization and Reporting

We addressing data aggregation and analytic challenges as care providers, including fragmented data sources, poor interoperability, and difficulty developing algorithms that can accurately predict and prepare stakeholders for a response to public health needs meet hurdles to implementing action.

Our team expertise in Business Intelligence, advanced data visualization, developing dashboards, reports, and scorecards. Our experts convert complex data into the eye-catching and easy-to-understand format.

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